Raising children in this day and age is freakin hard and confusing. As a Millennial Mum, we’re bombarded with conflicting information along with parenting shame and arguably fat shaming if we don’t lose our baby weight fast enough. We’re the selfish avocado smashing generation. It only takes someone one second before someone trolls you, labeling you as irresponsible.

Everyone thinks they’re a parenting expert these days. You can’t please everyone. So, here’s a list of 10 things I’ve gathered so far on parenting as a millennial mum.

  1. On taking pictures – Oh mama how come you’re never in the pictures? You always have pics of daddy and baby.Then once you take selfies with your baby, “OMG look at all the selfies you take with you and bub. Why are you posting in on Instagram or Facebook? Don’t you get worried about creepy pedos online? You’re so narcissistic and irresponsible!”
  2. On breastfeeding vs formula – “Oh, so you can’t breastfeed? You’re just lazy putting your baby on formula”. Then on the flipside, “Why don’t you just put baby on formula so you don’t have to go through all that backache and marathon feeding. You don’t have to worry about leaking breasts and mastitis”.
  3. On breastfeeding in public – You know your rights. You can feed your child anywhere! Oh, but when you do, you get told to put those puppies away and over up because “my husband is looking. Don’t you have any respect?”. Well honey, it’s not me, it’s your husband that’s the problem!
  4. On starting solids – You get told all the time about how kids back then ate whatever there was. Mac and cheese, pre-made food and fairy bread. Don’t worry too much mama bear! They’ll be fine. You then have a conversation with someone else, “Oh wait, you don’t make your own organic paleo baby food?! You lazy parent!” Start them on pureed food, no wait have you  heard of baby-led weaning?
  5. On self-care – treat yourself mum, you deserve it. After all, the biggest sacrifice is 9 months without wine. Go on. Ahh so you start to relax, take a selfie of yourself at the salon or having a bath with a glass of vino. Then some hater starts commenting, “Oh you did what? Who looked after bub? Aren’t you selfish?!”
  6. On body image – These scars are not stretch marks, they’re tiger stripes! Embrace your mum bod but whatever you do, don’t wear a bikini or anything revealing. It’s too confronting and no one wants to see your c-section scars.
  7. On watching your kids – Keep an eye on your bub’s every move but woahhhh not too close, helicopter parent alert!
  8. On spoiling baby – You can never spoil a baby, you must rock them to sleep or better, co-sleep. But whatever you do, teach them to self-settle.
  9. On discipline – Let kids be kids. Don’t say no, you’ll hurt their feelings. Oh but make sure they know how to respect others, say please and thank-you.
  10. On technology – your kids are causing too much noise and chaos in this cafe. You then get told to give your baby your phone, put some Wiggles on and ahhh peace and quiet. But good luck trying to take that phone back. Then someone makes a comment, saying “Kids these days have too much screen time! They’re raising the next generation of zombies”.

You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. But whatever you do, you know yourself and your children best. Ignore the haters because you’re doing an awesome job mama bear!

What conflicting advice have you received on parenting?