If you must know, I’m still breastfeeding my 14-month-old son and probably intend to until he is 12. Just kidding. Well, I actually wouldn’t mind, but I think he would.

So last night my son, Hendrick slept through the night. I know some of you are probably eye-rolling and hating me right now, but this is the first time he has EVER slept through. It’s so unbelievable and rare that I’ve even written down the date. I even noted what undies I wore, what I ate and possibly did differently. But I seriously don’t know how it happened. Who knows? Maybe it was the dirty Dominos pizza I had last night while watching the State of Origin. We all know that sometimes carb loading results in a food coma.

Feeling quite refreshed, I left the house while H was still asleep. And because my boobs had been so accustomed to the nightly rituals, they became engorged veiny hard funbags. I’ve been so used to diligently breastfeeding through the night and supplying milk for his morning Cheerios. My boobs were in a state of shock horror. For a petite person like myself, I looked like I had butt implants on my chest.

My boobs have adjusted since going back to work but now they’re suddenly LEAKING. But oh boy oh boy, the PAIN. I desperately wanted to scream, “HELP! I’m lactating! I need a release” in one of my meetings. Probably not appropriate since I do work for a Bank (and don’t use this against me). The buttons on my silk blouse began to bust out (pardon the pun).

After a few soaked tissues in my bra (I had contemplated putting a sanitary pad on my breasts), I had no choice but to head straight to the ladies room and started to hand express. Probably not the ideal place, but hey I was pretty desperate. I blessed cubicle number 5 and the adornments around with my pure liquid gold. Maybe I should have bottled it, but I’m not expressing anymore. The moans of the machine were too depressing for me. This whole experience got me thinking, “why do they make breastfeeding look so majestic AF and here I am sitting on the toilet squeezing my tits out”?

But in all seriousness, breastfeeding is amazing (no matter how you do it). if you’re a working mother and still breastfeeding – a big virtual high five to you. I know it can be hard and exhausting sometimes but I’m sure you’ll agree the bonding is unreal. As mothers, we all know what’s best for our children. I’ve been told many times to stop breastfeeding just because it is ‘inconvenient’ (don’t get me started). Mamas, enjoy it while it lasts because there will also be a time when they’ll tell us, “hey mum I’m 13 now!”

For info on breastfeeding at work and your rights visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website.

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