My birthday always coincides with Mothers Day. So in the past, it’s been no surprise for me to receive slippers, PJs and fluffy pink stuff.

So this year as I celebrate my second Mothers Day, I told my husband to forget the jammies. I gave him a list. Yes, a list because mothers are not mythical completely selfless unicorns (I know I’m guilty sometimes of martyring myself, then later breaking down in tears later from complete exhaustion). Here’s what I came up with and I’m sure most of you mamas would agree too! Feel free to share with your partner!

What mums really want for Mothers Day:

  • Valium or maybe litres of wine
  • Endless supply of Tim Tams
  • Time for herself especially in the toilet
  • A clean house

Happy Mothers Day! I hope your little cherubs make you feel like a million bucks.