Can we stop giving millennials so much flak? People are linking housing unaffordability to our purchasing decisions i.e. smashed avos. We’re the entitled and self-absorbed generation (Gen me, me, me). I know I can be reckless sometimes. Impulsive and obsessed with social media. But when I became a mother, things changed.

When I became a mother, I thought such stereotypes were unfair and patronising. As mothers, we entirely devote our hearts and souls into raising the next generation while balancing work, building a career and so forth. As a millennial mum myself, I felt the ‘voice’ of this generation needed to be heard within the context of parenting. The world may not need another mum blog but I was compelled because mainstream books, media, magazines were not addressing the challenges of this generation enough. We need to recognise that times have changed with new research and changing nature of families i.e. diversity in cultures, solo parenting and single sex parenting. We need unadulterated representation of parenting.

You often get strange ideas at strange times and it was when I was breastfeeding my son, I had my a-ha light bulb to start this blog. After some research and time to reflect on this exciting project, here are 7 facts about millennial mums you may or may not know:

  1. We’re doing more with less – We’re juggling more hats than our mothers and fellow GenX’ers ever did. We’re working ‘9-5’ and then coming home to cook, clean and care for our kids.
  2. We’re entrepreneurial and tertiary qualified – majority of millennial mums are tertiary qualified. Some have a side business or working towards building one, all at the same time as building our family, careers and saving for a deposit on a house.
  3. We’re creating our own ‘village’ – Our relatives don’t live nearby so we build strong connections online. We’re vocal online and freely express our opinions because old wives tales are full of crap. We’re probably using childcare more than our parents or grandparents did. They had a friend or relative to take care of their children. The rising cost of childcare is an issue and it sucks.
  4. We’re household CEO & CFO – We’re powerful household decision makers and hold purchasing power. Women make up 85% of all consumer purchases. It’s no wonder marketing companies are on our tails. Our purchasing decisions are well researched from toilet paper to the latest pram.
  5. We’re uber tech savvy – We’re often misjudged as selfish and irresponsible, taking copious selfies of ourselves and our children. Thank-you for your advice but we are aware of privacy, creepy people and all. That won’t stop us from sharing because we love our children and want to spread the love.
  6. We’re giving back to society –Millennials are more open-minded and advocate issues impacting society such as gender inequality and global warming. Millennials also give more frequently to charity and care for the environment. We question why (hello Simon Sinek) and where things are from and likely to buy organic and ethical brands, even if it costs more.
  7. We’re fearless – We’re not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo. Some find it annoying and disruptive but this world needs change and people who are willing to do so.

So just remember when you next see a millennial mum at the park on her phone, she’s probably doing all 7 of those things above. She could be trying to keep her head above water. She’s probably changing the world. Or she could be thinking about that next smashed avo she’s gonna have. So now tell me, what are you going to do today?

If you have a story to share about your experiences as a millennial mum, please get in touch –